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What does it mean to rent a textbook?

When you rent a textbook you are going to pay around 40-85% less than the retail purchase price of the text. That means you are going to save money right away!

You will have a semester to use the book as you normally would; we only ask that you keep the highlighting and note-taking in the text to a minimum.

You will be asked for credit or debit card information to be kept on file with the bookstore. If you are paying with financial aid, your card will not be charged. This card information will never be shared with anyone. Rest assured that card information entered into the system CANNOT be viewed by any bookstore employee or associate.

A sticker with your name and the due date will be placed over the back barcode each book rented. The due date is typically the Friday after the last week of classes, so that you have enough time to use it for studying. We try to send out rental due date reminders about a week prior to the due date. However, please note that the bookstore is not responsible for reminding you of this date. You may contact us at any time to inquire as to when your materials are due back.

If you are unsure as to whether you would like to rent or purchase a book, we suggest you rent it. if you decide that you would like to own the book you may buyout the text at any point 1 month prior to the due date. To buyout the text you will pay the difference between the purchase price and what you have already paid in a rental fee.

If you are not sure if you rented a book or not please contact the bookstore and we will be able to look up your rented and purchased materials.

What happens when I return my rental?

As soon as you turn in your rental, it will be updated in our system and you are good to go!

If you are late in returning your rental may be charged a $10 late fee. If the rental text is never returned, the credit or debit card you gave us to keep on file, for this possibility, will be charged the $10 late fee and the replacement cost of the text. The replacement cost is based on the full purchase price of the book. If this charge cannot be processed, you will be billed. If the bill is not paid within 30 days it will be sent to a collection agency and you will not be permitted to rent anymore materials until the balance is paid. Please contact the bookstore if you have any other questions or concerns that were not addressed.